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Marine construction

Both salt and fresh water demand strong and durable timber for the construction of marine and shoreline constructions. The construction industry have favored a narrow range of tested hardwood species for use in marine and freshwater applications. Typical examples from Suriname are Basralocus and Manbarklak. Examples for typical marine and shoreline constructions are:

  • mooring poles
  • substructures for bridges
  • pilings
  • breakwater constructions
  • bank stabilization
  • bridging

General construction

Squares (beams and sleepers) are also used in railway and building projects. Most of the time these general constructions are custom-made and produced from durable species with high strength classes (D50-D70).

High strength classified squares are also suitable for assembling crane mats. Crane mats are designed to provide ground stabilization under the weight of huge construction sites or even layered under oil rig cranes. Timber crane mats can be used in a variety of applications, but some of the most common include stabilizing the ground beneath large cranes during heavy lifts. Crane mats are dense and compression-resistant to withstand the harshest conditions and heaviest equipment. Besides that crane mats have multiple lifting options, such as exposed bolt, cables, or chains to meet your specifications when used as dragline mats.