Gele Kabbes

Wood description

The heartwood has a yellow brown colour with a bit green shade. It darkens after exposure. The parenchyma around the vessels gives it a stripy appearance. The grain is straight to irregular, sometimes interlocked. The texture is coarse and the grain is mostly straight.


Name                                                  : Gele Kabbes


Scientific name                               : Vatairea guianensis


Family                                                 : Leguminosae (Papilionoideae)


Origin                                                  : Suriname, Guyana, French Guiana, Brazil, Venezuela


Other names                                    : Amargoso, Fava Amargosa, Faveira amarela, Arakaka, Gele Kabbes


Natural Durability                          : Class 1-3 with moderate resistance to termites


Density (12%)                                  : 560 kg/m³


Shrinkage (%)                                  : rad. 3,9%, tang. 5,5%


Bending density (12%)                 : 146 N/mm²


Drying                                                 : moderate; slight risk of distortion


Working                                             : good


Finishing                                            : good


Uses                                                     : interior and exterior joinery, general carpentry,                                                                                       furniture, sleepers


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