Wood description

Massaranduba has a rich dark red color which is sometimes compared to the color of horse meat. Massaranduba gives a heavy feeling and does not carry any remarkable smells or tastes. This specie is also known for its resistance against mould.


Name                                                  : Massaranduba


Scientific name                                  :Manilkara bidentata


Family                                                 :Sapotaceae


Origin                                                  : Suriname, Guyana, French Guyana, Brazil


Other names                                    : Maçaranduba, Balata rouge


Natural Durability                          : Class 1


Density (12%)                                  :1050 kg/m3


Shrinkage (%)                                  :rad. 3,85%, tang. 5,5%


Bending strength (12%)              : Massaranduba is very well bendable


Drying                                                 :Slow drying is recommended, there is a risk of distortion and drying to fast can also lead to splits and cracks in the Massaranduba wood.


Working                                             : Massaranduba has a very high density but is relatively easy to work with


Finishing                                            :Good, Finishing the wood achieves very smooth results. Must be predrilled for fastening.


Uses                                                     :Massaranduba is used for hydraulic structures in pile worm free areas, Bridge decks, flooring, crossbeams, and in gardens.

Products                                             : Sheet piles, beams, logs