Gevlamde Bostamarinde

”A Unique Wood Species for Exceptional Applications”


Wood description Gevlamde Bostamarinde
The heartwood is light yellowish or orange brown, with conspicuous irregular purplish brown streaks, and striping. The brown streaks are not present in the sapwood as the sapwood is distinct, pinkish red. Gevlamdebostamarinde has a medium to coarse texture with a straight and irregular grain.



Name                                                  : Gevlamde Bostamarinde


Scientific name                               : Hydrochorea corymbosa


Family                                                 : Leguminosae (Mimosoideae)


Origin                                                  : Suriname, Guyana, French Guiana, Brazil

Other names                                    : Angelim pintado, Gevlamde bostamarinde, Kioudou, Manariballi


Natural Durability                          : Class 2-3 with poor to moderate resistance to termites and marine



Density (12%)                                  : 550 kg/m³


Shrinkage (%)                                  : rad. 3,7%, tang. 6,9%


Bending density (12%)                 : 105 N/mm²


Drying                                                 : easy but careful; risk of distortion and checking


Working                                             : good


Finishing                                            : good


Uses                                                     : interior joinery, carpentry, furniture, plywood,                                                                                        boxes and crates



Processing and Applications Gevlamde Bostamarinde:

Gevlamde Bostamarinde is relatively easy to dry but demands careful attention due to the risk of distortion and checking. It responds favorably during woodworking processes and finishes well. This wood species finds versatile applications, including interior joinery, carpentry, furniture crafting, plywood production, as well as the construction of boxes and crates.


In addition to its prowess in these traditional applications, this wood characteristics open doors to various creative uses. Its distinct coloration and texture lend themselves to bespoke furniture designs, artistic installations, and unique architectural elements. Craftsmen and designers alike appreciate the wood’s adaptability, allowing for the creation of one-of-a-kind pieces that seamlessly integrate into diverse design schemes.



With its enchanting visual appeal and commendable properties, this wood stands out as a distinctive choice for various applications in the woodworking industry. Its unique combination of coloration and texture makes it a sought-after material for projects requiring both aesthetic appeal and structural integrity. Whether employed in traditional joinery or innovative design, Gevlamde Bostamarinde continues to captivate and inspire in the world of woodworking.

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