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Round Logs

Tropical forests have more kinds of tree species than any other forest types in the world, around 2,500 species in total. The sustainable forests of Suriname we work in are one of the richest in plant species with more than one third of all species in the world. For the delivery of logs we participate in local concessions and we closely corporate with local concession holders, both non-FSC and FSC certified.

Our most important condition is that the logs will be harvested from sustainable and well controlled forests and that the export according to the EUTR rules can be guaranteed. Each log is carefully milled at our sawmills with precision and care, to minimize waste and maximize our yield. We specialize in many hardwoods, that are selected for their durability and hence are ideally suited for numerous industrial heavy constructions, and marine applications.

After harvesting the logs will be measured at both ends and will be provided with tag numbers so that even the rough sawn timber that will be produced can be traced back to the stump in the concerning concession. This means we will take care for the chain of custody of our wood!

Subsequently the logs will be sold either locally for the production of rough sawn timber or it will be exported for the production veneers or rough sawn timber elsewhere. Popular wood species for the export are for example Basralocus, Bruinhart, Kimboto, Tatajuba, Rode Kabbes and Wamara. Other tropical hardwood species are available on demand of course!