Wood description

The Basralocus heartwood is reddish brown gray to reddish or yellowish brown sharply demarcated from narrow Britannia sapwood. The texture is median with unusual subsurface luster; grain is usually straight and somewhat interlocked. Vessels are prominent as long brown lines on side grain producing an attractive figure.


Name                                                  : Basralocus


Scientific name                              : Dicorynia guianensis


Family                                                 : Leguminosae (Caesalpiniaceae)


Origin                                                  : Suriname, Guyana, French Guyana, Brazil


Other names                                    : Angelica, Angélique, Barkaouballi, Bastard Locus


Natural Durability                          : Class II with moderate resistance to termites and good to                                                                   very good resistance to marine borders


Density (12%)                                  : 750 kg/m³


Shrinkage (%)                                  : rad. 2,5%, tang. 4,3%


Bending strength (12%)              : 120 N/mm²


Drying                                                 : difficult with risk of checking and distortion


Working                                             : good to machine, pre-boring recommended when nailing


Finishing                                            : good


Uses                                                     : interior and exterior joinery, naval construction, millwork,                                                                   flooring, paneling, furniture and crossties.


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