Wood description

The heartwood is light reddish-brown and of plain appearance, darkening on exposure. The sapwood is a distinct thick brownish or pinkish colour, and sharply demarcated. Grain is straight, sometimes interlocked and texture is medium to coarse and rather harsh. The freshly cut timber has an unpleasant scent which is lost on drying.


Name                                                  : Kopi


Scientific name                              : Goupia tomentosa


Family                                                 : Celastraceae


Origin                                                  : Suriname, Guyana, French Guiana, Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela


Other names                                    : Cupluba, Kabukalli, Goupie, Copiura


Natural Durability                          : Class 2-3 with good resistance to termites


Density (12%)                                  : 900 kg/m³


Bending strength (12%)               : 166 N/mm²


Shrinkage (%)                                  : rad. 2,4%, tang. 4,2%


Drying                                                 : moderately difficult; risk of distortion


Working                                             : difficult; presence of highly interlocked grain


Finishing                                            : good


Uses                                                     : heavy constructions, industrial flooring, parquet, furniture